Courtyards, Setbacks & Big Impact Landscape

Year: N/A

Location: Chennai

Site: 4000 Sq.Ft of open spaces around a residence

Built up area: 8000 Sq.Ft

The project involved working with a team of architects and consultants to aesthetically design all the small, medium, large and extra large open spaces in and around a large private residence. Go big! was our concept. The lines of the architectural components of the building were projected into the open areas and the various amenities like water bodies & cascades, seating decks, gardens & walkways, stepped lawns & decorative walls aligned with those lines.

The clearly defined concept dictated the design gestures, forms, delineation of various uses and the movement was choreographed through the spaces. The result is orderly & cohesive hardscape areas softened with plants; its with plants, probably more than any other element of landscape design, that the infinite variation and fickleness of nature is most evident. Hence the planting scheme involved variations in the form of hedge planting, border planting, shading with huge floral trees, flower beds and ground covers planted on a large scale and accent planting to highlight special personal spaces.