Studio DCode is a Chennai based inter-disciplinary design practice with a strong will to push boundaries in the field of architecture, landscape architecture, interior design and urban design. As a firm with more than 12 years of field experience, we work very closely with our building materials and believe in handcrafting any space, making it sensitive and responsive to its immediate environment. We also specialize in ‘design-build’ for projects that involve recycled elements and material, special architectural building methodologies and sustainable construction techniques.

We strongly believe in reviving an ignored art or a craft form by incorporating it into our design, thereby fulfilling our desire to empower craftsmanship and stay rooted in traditional building practices, while creating a contemporary context so that the building is in tune with its place in time

Founding Partners


Partner and landscape architect at studio DCode, Anupama holds a Bachelor’s degree in architecture from The Madras University, India & a Masters degree in Landscape Architecture from The University of Greenwich, UK. She has worked with Cornwall Environmental Consultants, UK. Back in India, Anupama specializes in creating innovative spaces, both interior and exterior with a blend of the past, present and the future. The theme of her work chiefly involves the use of heritage elements in a contemporary context – an east meets west concept, that studio DCode primarily focuses on achieving.


Partner and urban designer at studio DCode, Harini holds a Bachelors degree in architecture from The Madras University, India & Masters degree in Urban design from The University of Greenwich, UK. She has worked on various large scale master planning and urban renewal projects in India and abroad. Her exposure to sustainable practices in Auroville and the experience she has gathered there working with her mentors, has enabled her to use eco-friendly materials and sustainable building techniques while weaving contemporary design fabric. At the end of the day, she feels it is all about freedom of expression and drawing inspiration from things found in our own backyard!

Our Stars


Design partner

Prarthana Akhil is the principal architect at Prana Architects & our design partner who has worked extensively in India and abroad since 2007. Her array of projects include residential, large scale commercial & educational design which combine creative & pragmatic sensibility. Her experience from being an architect in Norway for 7 years has exposed her to minimalistic Scandinavian design & global sustainable technologies which she wishes to fuse into the Indian fabric. Her collaboration with us has opened up exciting & new possibilities!


Associate architect

Vikram is a thinker, professional photographer and a geek. His design concepts are strongly rooted in the context of a project and is driven by a strong passion to create quirky spaces. He shoots stunning photographs of all our finished spaces and currently spearheads two of our off-the-grid residential projects.


Architect & Team leader

Sam is our brain child at studio DCode. His design concepts are strongly rooted to the context of the project and brings out the fourth dimension in any project. He is driven by a strong passion to create beautiful spaces and is highly talented in visualizing interiors. He is super tech-savvy and sweeps clients off their carpets with his presentations through various software and rendering skills! Last but not the least, he is always successful in adding cheer to any team he is a part of!


Design partner

A typical Chennaite who loves her filter coffee, there is no dull moment around her! Nivedita is an asset to our studio and is strong in her communication skills and handles any meeting with ease and flair. Having done her internship with us earlier in 2017, she has continued to be a part of our office team till date. She is currently pursuing her masters in architecture at the Arizona University, USA and continues to work for us remotely!


Junior Architect

Soft spoken and with perfect manners, Kundan is the baby of our office! Any job that he undertakes is done with diligence and interest. Kundan loves collecting miniatures of any kind, enjoys bike rides and exploring new software!

Daniel Ajay

UI/UX Designer

Daniel and digital go hand-in-hand. He is the one stop solution to our website and online requirements. He works magic and makes sure our projects are updated in the digital world for people all around the globe to see. While we design spaces, he designs our virtual world!



Soundarya is a highly enthusiastic team player and currently pursues her internship with us! She is driven by a strong passion to learn anything in the field of sustainable design and practices. She is hard working and is highly talented in visualizing interiors. Last but not the least she always adds cheer to any team she is a part of!


Building Partner

Kupuraj is a highly enthusiastic and skilled builder. His exposure to living, learning and working in Auroville is an asset to us and hence he spearheads most of our projects in alternative construction techniques like rammed earth, filler slab roofing and all kinds of natural plasters. His calmness and loving nature extends an intangible charm to all our built spaces!

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