The Pad

Year: 2019

Location: Chennai, Tamil Nadu

Site: A terrace area of 4000 Sq.Ft

Built up area: 1800 Sq.Ft

This space was designed as a contemporary studio apartment. Inspired as always, by rustic techniques, we tried creating a sophisticated ambience by finishing the walls with grey polished cement oxide. This finish, which is age old in India, but has only been used on flooring in the past, looks beautiful when applied on walls too, and can instantly transform a space to look any way you’d like it to, depending on the colour and final texture of the cement.

We incorporated other elements such as ferrocement louvres, cantilevered steps and exposed brick walls. Exposed cement finishes and exposed brick walls, as rustic as they seem, could lend an air of brutality or detachment to a living space and what better way to calm the senses than a lush garden. A green carpet of grass surrounds the apartment as part of a zen garden and the enormous glass sliding doors on all the walls of the living room effortlessly draw the landscape indoors