First Floor Residence

Year: 2012

Location: Chennai

Site: A square terrace area of 1800 Sq. Ft

Built up area: 2200 Sq.Ft

We were given the task of constructing a two-bedroom house for a young couple, on the terrace of an existing single storied house. We used the terrace over the existing staircase headroom, as a mezzanine study. Once this idea was in place, the rest of the plan came together beautifully, to create a space that was open and airy.

To draw a bit of the outdoors further inside we created large window openings. Our fascination towards sustainable architecture and the client’s strong will to encourage us allowed the use of hollow terracotta bricks for all the external and the internal wall surfaces. A filler slab roof over the double height living and the mezzanine adds a dramatic quotient to the overall structure. A combination of both floral and geometric traditional Athangudi tile patterns across the floor areas transforms the house into a warm, cozy and an eco-friendly home!