An Eco Holiday Home

Year: 2018

Location: Pondicherry

Site: A rectangular area of 1800 SQ.Ft

Built up area: 2300 Sq.Ft

The project is a holiday home for a family who live in France. The linearity of the site encouraged the planning to be simple and vernacular with the various spaces arranged one after the other connected by a corridor, with an open to sky courtyard. The family’s inclination to an Isha way of life helped us in manifesting our greed to engage locally available eco-friendly materials and methods of construction, one of them being Achikal bricks. They are climate friendly & traditional type of very slim burnt bricks. However their restricted commercial availability and dependence on skilled labour make their use very limited. Hence through this project it may atleast be a reminder of a traditional way of life that is sensitive to the environment and our human spirit.

Other sustainable highlights in this project include various types of filler slab roofs, thin pre-cast cantilevered staircase and exposed un-plastered ceilings.