Community Healing Center

Year: 2019 (on-going project)

Location: Vellore, Tamil Nadu

Site: 5000 Sq.Ft

Built up area: 3000 Sq.Ft

The proposed community centre is a three-building complex in the heart of a beautiful scenic village in Tamil Nadu with the rocky Vellore hills creating a stunning backdrop. The project is being developed to uplift the community, and for local rural school children to undergo personality development training, learn languages and also to improve the overall quality of life. A meditation pyramid is an important aspect in the project and offers a place of tranquil and healing for both the residents in the community and for visitors. The other amenities include a community kitchen, training centre, guest rooms, and an open air amphitheater.

To address the problem of lack of access to drinking water, one of the main challenges facing the community, the project also includes a rainwater harvesting system with two large underground tanks that store sufficient rainwater to provide for basic needs throughout the dry season.